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SUNNYdays 4x4 entraine les Gazelles Vertes

Sauveur entraine Marie et Mélanie avant leur départ aux Rallye Aîcha des Gazelles ...

Quelques images de notre formateur, Sauveur BARBERA

Journée conduite 4x4 avec quelques amis. Ces photos étaient prises par Justin, un des ...

Bienvenue sur le Blog de SUNNYdays 4x4

Bonjour et bienvenue sur notre blog 4x4 !C'est ici que vous pourrez suivre nos aventures, et celles ...
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Accueil | Sunny Days Nice 4x4


SUNNYdays 4x4: Off road passion. Thrills assured!

Live the wilderness, traverse the rugged outdoors, take on and vanquish all that nature can throw in front of you!

Just as the pioneers of old needed skill and wits to beat the elements, today men and women are doing the same - with the help of a few machines!

Designed for river fording, sand dunes, mountain passes, snow, ice and more, these machines are more often seen treading the motorways. We believe that off-road vehicles should be put to good use, doing the many varied things they were designed for.

SUNNYdays 4x4 Academy was founded for both leisure and real adventure. We are an accredited school, established since 15 years, and we have trained many different types of people - from weekend thrill seekers to teams taking part in endurance rallies.

Our off-road training courses are run according to your needs, and cover all aspects of off-roading. We can supply a number of vehicles, or you are welcome to use your own. Each participant receives training throughout the course, both in theory and in practise.

We are masters of challenging you to overcome all obstacles, and we have the know-how to guide you as you take on these extremes. Either as an event in its own right, or as part of an activities incentive weekend, we have the answers to your 4x4 requirements!

Our centre offers the possibility to dine in comfort in our restaurant, or alternatively you can bring your own picnic and eat in the great outdoors.

If learning the skills of all terrain motoring is not your thing, but you wish to experience the great outdoors from the luxury of your own car seat, why not try our 4x4 Ride to Ste Agnès, Peille and La Turbie?

Let us be your guide to this fabulous part of the world, one of the world's most beautiful places!

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Départ des Gazelles pour le Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles:
Samedi 17 mars 2018

Venez nombreux sur la Promenades des Anglais à Nice pour encourager les participants au Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles lors de leur départ pour l'aventure !

SUNNYdays 4x4: Off road passions, thrills assured!